Download the Get Instro-MENTAL! CD from Urban Surf Kings

Get Instro-MENTAL!


Get Instro-MENTAL! - Click for a Sample
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Get Instro-MENTAL! Track List:
1.  Big Surf at Black Point
2.  Seven Faces of Dr. Surf
3.  Espresso Twist
4.  Tango el Rollo
5.  Ray Gun Rampage
6.  Legend of Bog Road
7.  Mojave Hadji
8. Chicken Pot Pie
9. Twisted Brain
10. Paging Omar
11. Giant Cow
12. 7 Veils a Go Go
13. Surf Kings Stomp!
14. Radarmen From the Moon
15. Night Flight to Venice

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The download is a large .zip file, and includes printable cover artwork for a Jewel Case.
You must have an "unzip" application (such as WinZip) to open the files.
Additionally, the Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to print the cover art.
A high-speed Internet connection is highly recommended.

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