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The photos and samples on this page are engineering prototypes of the AUSTIN DIY True Blumlein(TM) Ribbon Microphone Kit.
Now available from

The Wind Ensemble sample is the Pomerado Community Wind Ensemble, from San Diego, CA.
Recorded in a Middle-School music room, at a rehearsal with about 45 people playing in the ensemble.
The Austin Blumlein mic was placed directly behind the Conductor, at about head level height.  You can hear his cues.

The Acoustic Guitar sample is Paul Abbott from, recorded in a tiled family room. 
This was a "gonzo" recording, and it still sounds great... 
There is no treatment in the room or editing of the recorded track.  

Both were recorded on prototypes of the True Blumlein Austin Ribbon Microphones seen in the photos.
Use headphones for the full stereo image of a Blumlein-pair microphone.

DIY Ribbon Microphone Kits that you can build yourself are available from