The Mystery Flamenco Guy.  
Not really "true" Flamenco, but surf music played on a Spanish Guitar.

Originally recorded as  relaxing music for his infant son, The Mystery Flamenco Guy's new CD "Surf's Up!" is free of the pounding drums, shrill solos, and thundering bass of his past.

The Track List includes:
  • Walk, Don't Run
  • Three Rolled Tacos
  • Baja
  • Bluff Failure
  • Catalina
  • CMB
  • Las Olas
  • Sr. Moto
  • My Sweet Lord
  • Perfidia
  • The Lonely Bull
Sample 1: Catalina

Sample 2: Sr. Moto

Sample 3: Perfidia

Sample 4: The Lonely Bull

Sample 5: Las Olas

Sample 6: Three Rolled Tacos

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The Mystery Flamenco Guy CD